Hot Cross Buns for the Easter Season

hot cross buns

One a penny, two a penny! While these days hot cross buns will run you a bit more than they did in the song, they’re still as popular as ever during Lent and Easter. It’s a treat that makes its way to us from merry old England, where hot cross buns have been enjoyed for […]

New Year’s Pretzels

As the new year approaches, most people are creating New Year’s resolutions and wanting the best for the year to come, and we have the perfect solution to start your new year off the right way. We are now carrying our delicious New Year’s Pretzels. These pretzels are different than any other pretzel that you have […]

Celebrate Columbus Day with Sweets

With Columbus Day coming up, what better way is there to spend your holiday weekend with Montgomery Bakehouse sweets? Whether you have off work or school, or not, some of our fall treats and other classic Bakehouse sweets will make the perfect weekend combination. Thanks to Columbus, we have this widely known “new world”. Although he was not […]