Because the Houston Texans are playoff bound, it is time for you to be Montgomery Bakehouse bound. We want your game watching party to have plenty of tasty treats, and we have just the right solution. We have a variety of football themed desserts that we don’t want you to miss out on. For example, we have our1152 individual football cakes, which are small chocolate cakes covered with a sweet chocolate icing, and decorated like a football. We also have iced football shaped sugar cookies and football themed cupcakes that will go over well at any football party. If you want something bigger, we will have football cakes that are perfect to root your favorite team on. You can also place an order for a football themed cake for this weekend, so that you will have the ultimate football watching experience. Whether you are a Texans fan, Chiefs fan, Steelers fan, or Bengals fan, we have just the right desserts to not only allow for you to have a ton of fun, but also, just maybe some sweets from the Bakehouse might bring your team a little luck! Also, don’t forget to pick up some dinner rolls or hamburger buns to add to your game watching meal029. We have also started making King Cakes in preparation for Mardi Gras. We have a variety of flavors, with some popular ones being cinnamon butter, pecan praline, cream cheese, and cherry. They are $13.50 each, so be sure to place an order for your favorite flavor. You can come in to place your order or give us a call at 936-756-1745. You can find more information on the King Cakes here. Be sure to stop by Montgomery Bakehouse to make the rest of your football season great, and to get a good start to your Mardi Gras season.