Kaitlynn’s senior picture

Graduation is right around the corner, so don’t miss out on getting a delicious graduation cake for your special graduate! We have everything you need from graduation cakes to graduation cupcakes and cookies for your graduation party.


Madi decorating cakes at the bakery

We will be in our new location by graduation time, so stop by to pick up your cake and to check out the new building. The address is 240 Longmire. Graduation is also a special time for us because some of our employees will be graduating, and they always mean so much to our business and to our family. We are so excited for our high school seniors who will be moving on to a new stage in their lives. One of our seniors, Madi, has worked for us for five years now. She is going to be attending Lone star College in the fall. She currently is learning how to decorate, and she already decorates many of the cakes at the bakery. Madi’s favorite thing about working at the bakery is getting to draw on the cakes and being around the Schenk family. Another one of our seniors is Kaitlynn, the daughter of the Schenk’s.


Kaitlynn working with her dad when we first opened the bakery

Kaitlynn was ten years old when we opened the bakery, and has been working in the family business since then. Kaitlynn is attending Hillsdale College in the fall to major in economics. Kaitlynn’s favorite thing about working at the bakery is getting to talk to all of our wonderful customers. We are so proud of what each of these girls have accomplished, and we cannot wait to see what God has planned for their futures. I am sure you are proud of what your seniors have accomplished too, so do not forget to order that special graduation cake to reward all of their hard work throughout their high school careers.


Madi’s senior picture