Thanksgiving is coming up soon, and we don’t want you to miss out on Montgomery Bakehouse desserts to accompany your Thanksgiving feast. We will be open on Wednesday, November 25th, until 6 P.M. and closed on Thanksgiving Day, so be sure to place your order in time. Some favorites for Thanksgiving include our pies, pumpkin rolls, and sweet breads, and if you aren’t a pie person, we have some tasty turkey cakes that are perfect for your dining room table. We also have 821corn bread, bisc020 (1)uits, and dinner rolls to go with your turkey and gravy. With Thanksgiving so close, it is always good to remember why we celebrate Thanksgiving today. When the Pilgrims arrived in the fall of 1620, they were not prepared for the harsh winter they would experience in
New England. Because of this, many of them died before spring. It was around spring, that two Indians named Samoset and Squanto helped teach the Pilgrims how to live off the land, and built a long lasting peace treaty between the two groups of people. That summer, the Pilgrims reaped a large harvest, therefore they felt it necessary to have a three day feast in December to thank God for their harvest and to celebrate with their Indian friends. For their first Thanksgiving feast, 90 Indians joined 50 Pilgrims. Their feast included shellfish, lobsters, turkey, corn bread, berries, deer, and other foods. They also participated in fun activities and prayer. For more great information on the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving, visit It is so important for us to reflect on everything we have this Thanksgiving, and thank God for everything He has given us, just as the Pilgrims did in 1621. We should also continue to thank God for this great nation that He was instrumental in creating through great people like the Pilgrims and also continue to pray for our nation and our leaders.