Snack on Sweets in your Stand this Deer Season

Montgomery Bakehouse has you covered when it comes to sitting in your deer stand waiting on a nice buck to walk your way. This coming weekend marks the start of deer season, and what better way is there to kick off the new deer season than with Montgomery Bakehouse desserts? The early mornings of sitting […]

Happy Halloween!

With Halloween coming up this Saturday, we have all of your Bakehouse favorites with a new scary twist. We have the perfect Halloween treats for you and your family, just in case you give away all of your Halloween candy to the trick-or-treater at your door. Throughout the week, we will have a variety of Halloween […]

Get Your Fall Fix with Pumpkin Desserts

With Halloween being just two weeks away and with the fall weather and fall festivities quickly approaching, it is no surprise that this Wednesday, October 21, is National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day. Our pumpkin cheesecake recipe dates all the way back to Tim Schenk’s Pop-Pop, John Schenk. He made this delicious pumpkin cheesecake at his bakery in Germantown, Pennsylvania. When Tim’s dad, […]

Celebrate Columbus Day with Sweets

With Columbus Day coming up, what better way is there to spend your holiday weekend with Montgomery Bakehouse sweets? Whether you have off work or school, or not, some of our fall treats and other classic Bakehouse sweets will make the perfect weekend combination. Thanks to Columbus, we have this widely known “new world”. Although he was not […]

Fall Treats Are Here

It is finally October, and with the weather getting a little cooler, we have brought out all of our delicious fall treats. We have all kinds of seasonal sweet breads, muffins, pastries, pies, and cakes. It is always a family tradition of ours to eat our delicious Apple Dumplings on the first day of fall every year. An Apple Dumpling is a peeled and cored apple […]