5 Reasons You Should Be Here Saturday

Father’s Day is this weekend! We’re busy here at the Bakehouse, preparing for a wonderful weekend of providing treats for that special man who made life sweet! On top of that, every year we host our Father’s Day Cake Decorating Event! This is a great opportunity decorate a cake for dad! Below are 5 reasons to attend this Saturday the 15th.

  1. Fun for the whole family – While this event is geared for younger ones, each year we have folks of all ages get creative on their cakes!
  2. Great summer activity – get the kids out of the house! It’s the best of both worlds! Get their creative juices flowing, AND we have A/C! Stay cool while having a blast!
  3. Everyone loves cake – Dads love cake! But don’t stop there! Don’t forget Grandpa, Uncle, or even that father-figure or mentor in your life!
  4. Make it a family tradition – We’ve had some customers that have participated in our Cake Decorating Events for over a decade! We couldn’t think of something sweeter!
  5. Clean-up is on us – You know that feeling you get when the last guest leaves your big party you hosted? The one that feels like “its gonna take me a month to clean all this up!” Well, this is a fun event that you don’t have to worry about any of that!

We are looking forward to Saturday! We have plenty of space left! We hope you’ll join us! And be sure to check out our full lineup of sweets for Father’s Day!